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The dynamic development and expansion of business lead to increased demand for competent legal advice and protection of businesses’ rights and interests. Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm has an adept team of highly-qualified legal professionals specialized in civil, commercial and administrative law, as well as in providing legal representation before the law enforcement authorities in the Republic of Bulgaria. In the course of our work we cooperate with foreign law firms in a desire to provide effective protection to our clients, both nationally and internationally. This allows us to render adequate legal support and ensure security so that you may enhance your involvement in international business. The Law Firm is among the leaders countrywide in providing legal support to corporate clients.

Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm provides its clients with legal services in the area of Civil Law and Procedure:
  • Drafting any documents related to the active participation of clients in civil matters and transactions (drafting title conveyance deeds, powers of attorney, certificates, letters of invitation) and lending legal support in any notary procedures;
  • Representation at the time of executing any legal transactions and drafting contracts and agreements, whereby during the negotiation process our lawyers offer legal advice and come up with the most practical and favourable solutions for clients;
  • Registration, transformation and winding-up of companies registered under the Law on Obligations and Contracts and non-profit legal entities – foundations and associations serving public or private interests;
  • Thorough legal representation of natural and legal persons before any courts or arbitration bodies, including the stage of enforcement proceedings.
  • Finding solutions to commercial law issues is one of the core activities of Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm. We provide services to small, medium and large enterprises, as well as to international companies in all business areas. We ensure legal representation before courts or arbitration bodies and have participated in the settlement of a large number of extremely complicated commercial disputes. Our team of highly-qualified professionals who are well-versed in the area drafts commercial contracts and agreements, participates in business negotiations, advises clients on compliance with local and international commercial legislation. We handle each case by forming tailored working groups of professionals who are well acquainted with clients’ needs and deftly provide the qualified, quick and effective legal service needed thereby.

    Business Transactions

    Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm advises clients on any kinds of business transactions. We participate in business negotiations prior to transaction execution and scrutinize all documents available in order to secure the adequate legal protection of our clients.

    Company Law

    The team of Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm lends overall legal support to its corporate clients and provides the necessary legal advice concerning the types of legal entities available in the Republic of Bulgaria:

  • Advising clients on their choice of legal entity that shall best suit their business;
  • Drafting all documents pertaining to the establishment of a legal entity – memorandums of association, articles of association, management contracts, etc;
  • Making registrations and records related to the business of companies in compliance with Bulgarian legislation – Commercial Register, BULSTAT Register for non-business entities;
  • Advising on the existing rights and obligations of company bodies – both internally among themselves, and externally to third parties;
  • Acquiring and transforming business entities – mergers, takeovers, spin-offs, split-ups;
  • Resolving disputes among shareholders and between shareholders and company bodies;
  • Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm offers legal assistance in the provision and registration of securities and guarantees under any commercial contracts and agreements – mortgages, special pledges, etc.

  • Business Insolvency

    The Law Firm has a team of highly-qualified legal professionals with a long track record in business insolvency. Out lawyers aspire to make us one of the leading law firms in this area of commercial law so that we may adequately fit modern business environment. The Law Firm provides legal representation in all stages of insolvency proceedings, including initiation thereof and representation in claims related to business insolvency.

    Banking Law comprises all relations that credit institutions enter into when conducting banking transactions. Our lawyers offer the following legal services in this respect:

  • Issuing legal opinions and advising on the execution of bank loan agreements;
  • Drafting agreements for the establishment of loan guarantees – mortgage agreements, pledge agreements, guarantee agreements, cumulative assumption of debts agreements, etc;
  • Lending assistance to credit institution in the recovery of their debts from borrowers.
  • Real Estate Law

    Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm has legal professionals with a substantial track record in drafting any kinds of contracts and agreements for the conveyance or establishment of real rights. We carry out in-depth investigations of title, nonpossessory rights in real properties, the legality of any existing buildings and facilities, the legal status thereof. We make enquiries concerning the existence of any circumstances registered in the Property Register – foreclosures, mortgages, statements of claim, etc. The Law Firm provides representation in cases involving real rights – protection of title or of nonpossessory rights in real properties, division of real properties, various disputes related to real property borders, etc.

    Construction Law

    Our lawyers advise clients on the construction, alteration of designation or destruction of buildings or parts thereof. Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm drafts construction contracts and agreements. Our team of highly-qualified legal professionals participates in the negotiations preceding the execution thereof by explaining the overall legal situation to the parties involved with a view to defending the rights and seeing through to the successful implementation of the business projects of our clients.

    The Law Firm provides its trusted clients with the following legal services in the area of the Law of Obligations:
  • Offering legal advice concerning the execution of various types of contracts and providing full legal support as regards drafting contracts and agreements and mediation in the execution thereof;
  • Offering legal assistance and advice on the judicial or out-of-court termination or rescission of contracts.
  • With a view to protecting the rights and interests of clients from undue violations our lawyers provide legal representation in cases involving tort/delict (compensation for any material or non-material damages incurred) as well as representation in disputes concerning the implementation of existing contracts.

    Copyright and Related Rights:

    Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm offers legal assistance in the area of copyright, the protection thereof and the available ways for licensing copyright to third parties. Our lawyers provide court representation in disputes related to the scope of copyright.

    Industrial property. Registration of patents, trademarks and utility models:

    Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm has a long history of making registrations, securing protection and advising in the process of applying for and drafting patent claims for national and international patents. The Law Firm provides legal representation in the administrative proceedings pertaining to the issuance of patents, the appeals thereof and the appointment of specialists to issue expert reports, etc.

    Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm advises its clients in the field of employment law and has acted as a representative of both employers and employees. Our lawyers offer the full range of services in the area of employment law, including the drafting of employment contracts, legal representation as regards employment relations, giving legal opinions related to any employment issues of companies or individuals – execution, amendment or termination of employment contracts, drafting legal documents pertaining to the implementation of employment legislation – imposition of disciplinary sanctions, notices, etc.

    The Law Firm protects the rights and interests of both workers/employees and employers with reference to employment disputes – disciplinary or pecuniary liability of workers/employees, claims against unlawful dismissals, reinstatements, etc. Our lawyers render assistance in negotiations between employers and workers/employees with the aim of arriving at practical and lawful solutions to the employment disputes at issue.

    The lawyers at Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm have gained significant experience in the area of administrative law and legal representation in administrative cases. The law firm advises clients and offers them efficient case solutions. We provide the following services in the area of administrative law:

  • Legal assistance and advice on the various proceedings resulting from the issuance of various administrative acts;
  • Legal assistance in the proceedings of appeal against administrative acts issued by any governmental, municipal or tax authorities, as well as assistance in appeal proceedings for penal rulings;
  • The Law Firm offers comprehensive legal support to natural persons in the preparation of the documents necessary for participation in public tenders and representation in all stages of public contract awarding and performance.
  • Our lawyers provide legal representation and protection on cases brought before any instances of any and all administrative courts in the Republic of Bulgaria.

    To facilitate the business of our clients and their communication with authorities, our team of lawyers advises on lax law matters and offers practical tips concerning the imposition of various taxes. The law firm provides legal representation in any proceedings with the National Revenue Agency or any administrative courts with reference to appeals against any taxation-related acts. Our lawyers employ their considerable expertise to devise the most appropriate and efficient solutions for their clients.

    As they develop their business, all companies strive to get involved in public processes and the various types of public relations. The law firm advises on the drafting of any and all documents necessary for the participation in public tenders while considering both the statutory regulations and the interests of our clients. Our lawyers strictly monitor for any amendments to the statutory regulations that govern public procurements so that they may unfailingly come up with practical solutions to any cases by securing the reliable communication of businesses and contracting authorities.

    Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm offers the following services:

  • Drafting prenuptial agreements that settle any property issues between couples prior to or during marriage;
  • Legal representation in marriage dissolution proceedings;
  • Legal assistance in the settlement of any personal or property-related disputes between former spouses following marriage dissolution;
  • Legal assistance in the execution of legal transactions involving properties that constitute community property;
  • Executing legal transactions, a party whereto is a minor or underaged, applying for permissions with the relevant district courts;
  • Drafting any documents related to acceptance or renouncement of inheritance;
  • Advising on property disposal before a person’s death – drafting last wills and testaments;
  • Advising on and determining the portion of estate reserved for heirs and the portion that the testator is entitled to dispose of. Providing legal representation in cases concerning the reduction of testamentary dispositions and donation agreements;
  • Our lawyers offer practical solutions related to the division of inherited property by drafting any and all documents pertinent to the execution thereof. The team of Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm lend adequate legal assistance in the two stages of judicial division of property, as well as legal representation in division proceedings themselves.

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