Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm provides professional legal services to natural and legal persons and in doing so we achieve uttermost results by coming up with flexible and effective solutions.
We owe our reputation to our extensive experience fused with modern mindset and to our committed and tailored approach to all of our clients.

Today, Nenkov, Markova and Partners is a dynamic and business-oriented law firm that provides first-class legal services to local and foreign legal and natural persons and has become one of the well-reputed firms in Bulgaria that offer legal support to corporate clients.

The team of Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm comprises highly-qualified legal professionals who specialize in civil, commercial and administrative law, as well as in providing legal representation before the law enforcement authorities in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Our team offers a full range of services, including legal due diligence and investigations, issuing legal opinions further to enquiries made, legal advice, contract-based legal services, participation in negotiations, legal protection and representation before judicial and non-judicial authorities, governmental agencies and third parties, whereby in the course of work we often cooperate with foreign law firms in a desire to provide adequate legal support and effective protection to our clients, both nationally and internationally.

We devote special attention to every client because we believe that the issues you have approached us with matter to you and your future peace of mind. Driven by our wish to create and foster a sense of security in our clients, we handle each specific case by applying tailored and thorough approach and dedication, which is the way to the effective legal protection of any legitimate interests, since we believe that the bond of confidence between lawyers and clients serves as a foundation on which the relationship of these two parties is to be built.

We timely notify our clients of every stage their cases enter by regularly contacting them over the phone, via email, or by meeting them in person in order to present them with any relevant information.

We render the requisite support to our corporate clients for the development of their potential and business opportunities, whereby, along with the large corporations and projects that we provide services to, we exercise no less care and expertise to fight for and defend the cause of every individual who has sought our professional advice and assistance.

The Law Firm operates in: Bulgarian, English, Russian, German, Spanish

Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm



Alexandar Nenkov

Managing Partner
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Stanislava Dimova-Markova

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As a token of our commitment to various initiatives of public and social significance, Nenkov, Markova and Partners Law Firm provides pro bono legal services to non-governmental organisations, foundations and other non-profit entities whose activities involve the implementation of projects that, directly or indirectly, concern the interests of the public/citizens.


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